Letter to My Future Man


I saw this photo on a blog today and I began to think to myself about the kind of husband I will (or hope) to have and what I will say to him when we meet (hopefully we do).

Dear My Future Man

Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for almost 22 years (and counting) and I have conserve my heart and soul to be as pure as possible until the day I finally meet and be with you.

You should have realised that I am a stubborn person (I hope you understand). I’m sorry! I’m sorry that I probably will make you overwhelmed with my attitude. I do what I want to do. But, of course I would consider yourself.

I hope you remember that sometimes I don’t mean the things I say, which can get very very offensive. I am also annoying in fights, but I hope we can figure it out somehow.

And please take care of your eyes. I don’t like man who like to look at another woman’s body. I may seem permissive, but actually I was very sick. Maybe the men said it was commonplace and normal. But please, don’t do that.

I like a mature man, so behave mature. I missed the adult male figure where I can be a spoiled girl. You know, I’m the first child and didn’t have an old brother. It sucks and I hate it. Sometimes I envy to my friend who has old brother.

I hope one day we can watch One Day or If Only together on your couch, so I can finally know what it feels like to be able to show my fragility. I hope you like romantic movies because I really loved it. We could taste the sweetness together. And I hope you don’t really like action movies because I hate violence.

Remember, time heals. When the time is right, I hope your propose (duh, I’m not going down on my knees!) and we are going to get married and have kids (2 or 3 is enough).

I can just imagine the kind of wedding we’re gonna have: a nice simple wedding in a big ballroom, full of white color, with our pretty guests wearing pretty dresses (I don’t care what the guys wear, actually) and Jazz songs playing in the background (sorry Taylor Swift, I’m a big fan of yours, but your songs just aren’t that appropriate in weddings).

So, my future man, I hope we will meet soon. I am so looking forward to see you and tell you about my life and hear about yours. In the meantime, be safe and healthy! LOL.[]

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