Bukittinggi on Vacation (Bung Hatta’s Home Births) #2

This post is 2nd post with the same tittle. Read this!

The last place that I visited, Rumah Kelahiran Bung Hatta. That place is easy to find, located not far from Jam Gadang, Jalan Soekarno-Hatta 37, Kecamatan Guguh Panjang, Bukittinggi. FREE admission! 😀

Let’s see other awesome pics!

Mamak Idris’s room. Bung Hatta’s uncle.

The dinning room

Sumur lama. Unfortunately you can’t see how the situation in that well

Gig place

Picture of Bung Hatta and his gig

Yay! The Old bike. Can you guess how old is it?

and this is the main room as the main visit

Kamar Lahir Bung Hatta (2nd floor). In this place on August 12, 1902, he was born by Aminah, Bung Hatta’s Mother. The room was a silent witness to the birth of The Proclaimers

and this is me 😀

I take this picture by my self. Use timer. 😀

Me and a boy. When I walked around the place, he came with his friends. I remember with his say. “Don’t delete this picture, sister. It can be memory”. 😀

So, this is the end of my trip in Bukittinggi all of day! So many thing that i get. The experience, knowledge, and new friends. This trip is really absolutely extremely amazing!

Thank for visiting! You’re Awesome 😉


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