Bukittinggi on Vacation (Look in to the Butik)

My trip to Bukittinggi, West Sumatera, August 28, 2012. The first destination is Butik, a place that sell 2snd goods.

>> So much shirts, blouses, pants, and other clothings that you want

>> Kind of bags for man or women. Beautiful bags 🙂

>> SALE! SALE! SALE! Only pay Rp10.000,- for three shirts! 😀

>> Kind of shoes: boots, pump shoes, flat shoes, sport shoes, and many more!

>> Shoes for man and there also leather jacket B-)

So, you wanna go?

Well, you can go to The Butik via Jenjang Empat Puluh. Go along the stair-case and then turn to left. You’ll see that PLACE, The Butik. Or, if you come from Jam Gadang, you can also go along Pasar Atas. Just ask a question to the seller in that place, “where the Butik is”. I’m sure they can help you to find “your destination”.



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