From Jazz Up to Rock

New year, new experience. I can’t forget that night, January 7 2012. Coincide with  the first Saturday night of the year. Me and two my friends was met with some popular singers. They perform in an event that created by a cigarette company.

Yep! Rieka Ruslan. She is very frendly, smart, and beautiful. She’ve a principle musical. Oh, She gave us her signature, phone number, email, and her twitter. That’s awsome! 😀

He is very tall! Wooo… but he is a good guy and not arogant! I like it! Lucky for you..

I think you know who he is! The unique guy, humorous, and kind—of course. Yep, Candil! If you talk with him, he’ll make you laught because his word is funny but having content. When he sing the song, his voice is  very shrill. Proud of you!

Don’t Jelous!!! :p


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